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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that I get asked about the photos to DVD video service. You should also read the Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy. If these FAQ’s do not answer your questions then feel free to Contact Us and we will respond accordingly.


The Questions and Answers

How much does it cost

The photos to dvd video service cost £25 plus Postage.  For that you get a professionally produced DVD of the photos you send electronically.  That’t it. Ok there are other optional services you may wish take. For example you can send printed photos for scanning or you may want music downloaded to be used as a background track. You may want the images you sent colour enhanced or scanned images digitally repaired.

These are all options that will be discussed before you commit to anything. For details of all the options please refer to the cost Pages.

How long is each image displayed

The answer to this not a easy one. The best way to explain is to say is the images will bi displayed for average of the length of the background music divided by the number of images. That is to say if you have a background music track that last for 3 minutes 45 seconds then you need to work out 3 minutes at 60 seconds is 180 seconds plus 45 which comes to 225 seconds. Now divide that number by the number of images. So if you have 80 images that is an average of 2.8 seconds an image. taking in to account the time of the transition from image to the next this is clearly too many images for the length of backing track. The answer is to add another backing track or reduce the number of images.

Now if this is a party set of images than 2.8 seconds per images my be a good speed as you would probably want to give the impression of the vibrant fun atmosphere.

You also need to consider the fade in and fade out of the backing track. So the length of time for the track is probably a bit less than listed time.

One last thing to consider is each “show” or “chapter” could have a banner or introduction slide / image. If this has some wording on it explaining the chapter then you will need 5 to 8 seconds to display this as with the sign off slide / image.

of course if you specifically want an image displayed for a specified amount of time then you will also need to take this into consideration.

I am business and need a looped video

No problem. All the same things apply to business videos for displays or trade stands or marketing videos. If you need a photography service to produce these videos then we can help with that too. See our marketing videos pages.

What happens if I have problems with the Supplied DVD

I would ask that the check the DVD works in your particular DVD player as soon as the completed DVD is sent. If you have problems then you should try it in another player or in a computer DVD  player. If needed I can send you a DVD of a different format. You can rest assured we will work out any problems should they occur.

Will you repair old photos

If you have old photos that have been bent or torn I can do some digital repair work to improve them. It is hard to say how much this would cost as it depends on how severe the damage is. I will quote on a case by case basis.

Can I send you prints

Yes I accept prints. These will be scanned in a high quality scanner at 300 DPI. There is a charge for scanning in images as this is a very time consuming process.  The cost to scan is is £5 for 40 prints and 20p per image after that . I can then send you these images if you would like them on a CD for an additional cost of £5.

Tell me about the background music

I can use royalty free background music which will be credited at the end of the DVD and on the cover. If you want a specific song then this will have to be provided by you which I will assume you have purchased and will be using it based on you having paid for the CD or downloaded from a music retailing web site. If you cannot provide the music I can purchase it on your behalf for £1.50 per track.

Each music track will on average play for 40 images. You can then have another track played or the same tracked repeated. The choice is yours.

Can I order duplicates

If you order multiple copies from the start it will cost £10 per extra copy. If you would like extra copies after the first order, it will cost £10 per DVD plus Post and packaging.

Why should I use your service

This is a very good question and simply answered. I will provide a personal service that will produce a professional result. Without going into too much detail I use the best technical resources to produce your DVD. This is not done with freebie download software but with state of the art professional DVD editing systems. I urge you to compare the samples I provide with the samples of other services of the same type. Then you can choose.

How long does it take

Once I have all the images and information I need to produce the movie. eg titles, captions etc I will require 3 days to produce the movie and burn to a DVD.

You will of course be kept fully aware of the progress of the production and in some case a shot sample maybe uploaded for you to approve.

How do I send you the pictures

You can send printed images using what ever postage method you feel comfortable with.

Digital images can be send on DVD, CD, Memory stick or I can arrange for you to upload them to my server.

Can images be enhanced

Yes if the colour is flat and the image does not show the detail or good definition of the textures I can edit the image to give better colour definition. As an example take a look at the image enhancement page.

Can I have captions

Yes definitely. You can have as many as you want. I would warn against having too many as it will distract from the video aspect of the movie. For the first page I would ask that you think of a title and sub title plus any other captions. Eg the title of a movie could be “Mickey’s 21st Birthday” and the sub title “5th September 2011?. A further caption could be “The day a boy became a man”. You just need to be aware that if you have too much on screen at one time it may look too busy.

How is the DVD structured

The DVD will be set up in chapters and each chapter will be about from 40 to 80 images.  During our initial discussion we will work out what chapters you need.

For the Base price your DVD will have 3 chapters. If you require more chapters the price per additional chapter will be £5.

You will need to provide the back ground music for each chapters.

Postage costs

Postage of final DVD will be charged at £5 for postage and packaging for standard Royal Mail delivery and £10 for next day delivery. Note this is next working day starting from the first day of the week.

I hope this has answered any questions you may have had but if not please feel free to contact me through the Contact Page or if you prefer call me on the phone number on the home page.

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